The long wait is finally over! How To Haunt Your House, Book Three! is here at last! Advance copies of the book were sent out to haunt industry professionals and the reviews came back with overwhelming enthusiasm once again. Please feel free to send in your own reviews. Just send us an email.

How to Haunt Your House, Book Three
Published 2011

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Review: I am constantly amazed at the level of detail and quality Shawn and Lynne put into their books. The third installment continues the macabre treatment of building incredible Halloween props, with gorgeous images of completed projects infused with ghoulish blue lighting. With over a dozen new projects, each meticulously photographed in a step by step fashion, we learn how to craft everything from ancient insect display cases to a copper-gilded laboratory set with an awesome ode to Steampunk. The second half of the book is devoted to the vampire-lover in all of us, where we can recreate every ancient map, vial, stake and cross that would belong in Van Helsing's leather briefcase.

More than just a collection of Halloween prop-making tutorials, each book is a fantastic work of art, full of creative imagery, close-ups and wide-angle shots of completed Halloween scenes. No matter if you a complete novice or advanced prop maker, Shawn and Lynne teach you everything you need to know, laying out in clear detail every item you will need for a project. They explain step by step how to go about creating, for instance, a complete, 6 foot werewolf skin rug that not only looks real, but with a couple simple tricks makes it look like an ancient and well-kept heirloom passed down from your wolf-hunting forebearers.

I am always excited to see a new book out by these authors, without doubt the best in the Halloween business. Not only will they guide you in building the haunt of your dreams, they inspire you to think big while keeping things simple.

Chris Molnar

Review: Lynne and Shawn have done it again! I been haunting my yard for about 20 years and have picked up many cool tips and techniques over the years, but the Mitchell's once again have taught an old haunter some new tricks. This edition is oozing with many spooktacular prop building ideas that will keep you busy building for years to come. Whether your brand new to prop building or a veteran "How to Haunt your house" volumes 1, 2 and 3 are a must have.

Stay Scary
Chris Baker

Review: "Lynne and Shawn Mitchell's How to Haunt Your House" series is a must for all would-be haunters. Clear, concise how-to's and beautiful pictures make this easy to follow, even for the novice haunt builder!"

or for book three, specifically,

"How to Haunt Your House, Book Three is stuffed with inspiring new projects for the haunting enthusiast. The directions are easy to follow and the pictures are clear and beautiful enough to make this a coffee table book! This book will truly take your haunted mansion to the next level!"

Great job, again, you guys!


The Mitchell's have done it again! Following in the footprints of Books 1 and 2, "How to Haunt Your House - Book 3" raises Halloween decor to a true art form. Using common items, your are able to create many amazing props. This time around, the Mitchell's also focus on building an amazing Vampire Hunting Kit that includes all the details and features you will need. With simple to follow instructions and descriptive photos, each project is broken down into easy-to-follow steps. How To Haunt Your House is an asset to the haunt community, a prime example of how sharing ideas strengthens the whole. Using the HTHYH library will bring your haunt to the next level. It isn't as hard as it looks...just do it!

Robert Wolf (Haunted Wolf)


Amazingly Brilliant!

As children we are gifted with the heightened awareness of sights, smells, and magical experience of the holidays. As a young boy Halloween was always my favorite!

As each of us grow into adulthood our lives become consumed with responsibilities and the realities of life. Our childhood innocence which once could easily conjure these wonders, of make believe, becomes desensitized. Many times I find myself reminiscing the simpler times, wanting again to experience what was so easy to do as a child, to again experience the wondrous feelings of Halloween, the sights, smells, and tastes of such a magical time!

What I have come to love so much about Lynne's and Shawn's books are there ability to inspire and rekindle the child in me, Awesome Photography, Spooktacular ideas, easy to follow instructions with awe inspiring and magical creations transport me back to my childhood wonder!

As a designer I have used "How to haunt your house" To ignite my creativity and put me into the spirit and delights of Halloween. "How to haunt your house book 3" is a great way to bring family together this holiday. These books are packed with Tunz of projects both children and adults can enjoy creating together. You'll get exceptionally professional effects that will amaze the neighborhood! Each book increasingly better than the next!

Thanks Lynne and Shawn! Your Spooktacular!!!

Joel W.
Set and Prop Design Disney Studio's